Saintfield High School

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Use of school premises and facilities

Use of Saintfield High School


All applications will be subject to approval by the school Board of Governors.


  1. To comply with general legislation the school will not be available for purposes of denominational religious teaching.  However, consideration will be given to use by Religious groups for other purposes e.g. social or recreational.
  2. As the school does not currently hold an Entertainment Licence any activity which requires this would not be approved.
  3. Facilities will not in any circumstances be granted for political or commercial purposes.
  4. Application for use of facilities must be on the official form, which must be submitted to the Principal normally not less than 28 days before the date of proposed use.
  5. No use of facilities may be made without prior consent of the Board of Governors.
  6. The person(s) named as responsible in the application will be held entirely responsible for the conduct and supervision of all persons involved, for the termination of use at the hour specified, and for any damage or loss caused to the premises or property arising out of such use.  The Board of Governors reserves the right to make good such damage or loss and to recover the cost from the user.
  7. All use of facilities must take place on the day between the times stipulated in the approval.  Premises must be completely vacated fifteen minutes after agreed time.
  8. The Board of Governors consent to use of facilities on a seasonal basis which will lapse automatically on 30 June.  A new application will be required for use of facilities during the following year.
  9. Items of school owned equipment are not available to users unless specifically authorised beforehand.
  10. The Board of Governors must be satisfied that users of specialist accommodation or equipment are suitably qualified and experienced in its use.
  11. Intoxicating liquor may not be sold or consumed on premises.
  12. All irregularities, damage and loss relating to the facilities and school owned property must be reported to the person in charge within 24 hours of occurrence.
  13. Cancellation of booking must be notified to the Principal as soon as possible and in any case not later than three days before the date of use.
  14. Normally all charges become payable immediately on receipt of letting agreement.
  15. No facilities, other than those authorised, may be used, disturbed or entered.
  16. All approvals are subject to cancellation by the Principal without notice.(This right will not, however, be exercised unless absolutely necessary).
  17. The Board of Governors shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury to any property or person or persons (including the Applicant’s invitees) suffered by reason of any act, neglect or default of the Board of Governors, its agents, servants, or workmen or any defect (where latent or patent) in the premises or playing fields or the services ancillary thereto.
  18. The Board of Governors shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury to any property or person or persons (including the Applicant’s invitees) suffered by reason of any act, neglect or default of the user.


These will normally be as follows:

 CARETAKER                         -           going rate

             Assembly Hall/Gymnasium              £20.00 per hour or part thereof

            Lecture Theatre                                    £15.00 per hour or part thereof

            Classroom                                            £10.00 per hour or part thereof

            Pitch                                                       £ 6.00 per hour or part thereof

 These charges do not include any allowance for heating, lighting, cleaning or hot water.

 Where an organisation requests the use of more than one room the charge for second and subsequent rooms is £6.00 per room per hour.


This policy does not relate to any educational activity where charges are levied by a third party.  The policy will be subject to monitoring and review.

 September 2012

Please find attached the Use of Facilities Form below;