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Pastoral Care

'We hold firmly the belief that children learn when they are happy and feel safe. It is this belief that underpins the educational experience at Saintfield High School.'

Pastoral Care at Saintfield High School is the practice of looking after the well-being of every single pupil placed in our care. This practice embraces the development of the child in collaboration with the many facets of his/her school life – moral, intellectual, personal, physical, social, relational and emotional.

Our Pastoral Care System allows our pupils to feel secure, free from emotional and physical harm, where they feel comfortable to voice any concerns they might have. Our pupils learn in a supportive atmosphere of mutual care and respect.

Ours is a school, where sincerely, every child does matter. We aim to demonstrate this belief through our policies and procedures, our social interactions and dialogue, and in our aim to establish a friendly school environment where children feel safe and secure; a place where they want to be educated. The promotion of our agreed values and beliefs means a pupil centred approach.

Teachers, non-teaching staff, welfare-staff and other adults all are part of an effective team within Saintfield High School to care for our children in a positive way.

We attempt to foster the following attributes in the promotion of an inclusive atmosphere within Saintfield High School through a formal Pastoral Care Structure:

The Pastoral Care Team works very closely with our Parent Panel.

Members of our Panel get the opportunity to:

1. To express their views & opinions on policies and procedures

2. Complete questionnaires on school improvement

3. Attend & participate in occasional meetings addressing a range of topics

4. Monitor & evaluate school related issues through research & active discussion

The Parent Panel is an extremely useful school resource and it adds another vital dimension to the decision making process which exists within our school. We believe that our strong partnership with our parents is central to the success we enjoy here at Saintfield High School, facilitating the high standards of teaching and learning provision that are embedded within the very core of our school.