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Mental Health

Mental Health

At Saintfield High School we want all of our pupils to “thrive not just survive.”  Pastoral Care encompasses emotional, mental, social and physical wellbeing.  Within our school community we address pupil mental wellbeing and seek to equip our pupils with resilience and the ability to cope with the challenges of life. 

Year 8 pupils – all pupils in Year 8 receive mental health training delivered by Action Mental Health.

Year 9 and Year 11 pupils participate in a 6-week programme reflecting upon the issue of mental wellbeing and mental illness.  Topics such as examination stress, peer pressure, social media and coping strategies are discussed.


The issue of mental health is also addressed throughout the year within subject lessons. For example:

Pupils research and create a leaflet entitled ‘The Importance of Rest to Good Mental Health’.

Study of the work of Mark Rothko ~ this provided pupils with the opportunity to depict mood and emotion through art.

Study of the poem “What If?” by Shel Silverstein considering the thoughts and feelings we can experience through life.

Children should “thrive not just survive.”