Saintfield High School

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Who is who?

Who is who?

Formal Pastoral Care Structure

At Saintfield High School we earnestly endeavor to provide all of our pupils with a holistic educational experience.  A central aspect of this provision is ensuring high quality pastoral care for every child in our school community.  We continually strive to ensure that our children are happy and content, both inside the classroom and out.  All members of staff, both teaching and non-teaching, are dedicated to ensuring the wellbeing of our pupils and are available for our pupils to speak with.  However, there are a number of staff with specific responsibility for pastoral provision within the school.  These include:

Head of Pastoral Care – Mrs Derby, Vice-Principal

Heads of School – Mrs Elliott (Junior School) and Mrs Bradley (Senior School)

Form Tutors

School Counsellor – Ms Laura Brown

Designated Teacher for Child Protection – Mrs Bradley

Deputy Designated Teacher for Child Protection – Mrs Convill

Co-ordinator for School Counselling – Mrs Irwin

Board of Governors - (Please find under "About Us" section)