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Advice on homeworks

Presentation and Homework

Presentation of work is always important.  Careless presentation will create a bad impression on your reader who may be distracted from what you have to say.  Many readers will make judgements about your general ability and even your attitude, if the presentation of your work appears to be careless.


Homework is an essential part of your work.  It helps you to make sure that you have learned what you have done during a lesson and to prepare for work to come.  It should also help you to work independently at research and planning.  Your homework timetable is meant to help you to plan.  Some departments set homework twice a week and need the work in on the following day; others set work over a longer time-span, for example GCSE coursework.  Not all departments set written work or reading; observation, making, collecting, research, preparation, learning, even thinking are all homework activities.  Other activities are:  preparing a talk, watching TV programmes and reporting on them, or getting hold of newspaper articles.

Always write down homework set.  Don't put homework off; it will only cause problems.  Always do your homework to the best possible standard.  Ask your teacher for help if you are struggling, or explain why you couldn't do it.  Ask your parents to look at your work and tell them about it.  Above all, don't avoid homework or try to deceive your teacher.  In the end, you will only waste time and cause trouble, for yourself and others.